How to insert and modify NOI Events?

After reading this article, you will be able to use the Open Data Hub tourism portal to insert, modify, and delete events that take place at NOI Techpark in Bolzano (in the remainder, NOI events).


Since you must login to create events, you need valid credentials to be able to add NOI events, that you should have received from the Open Data Hub team.

Go to and click on Log in (top right corner)


Figure 53 Upper section of the tourism portal.

Provide your credentials, then you will be redirected to your homepage, that shows among other information, the roles you have within the Open Data Hub.

Creation of a new NOI Event

Once logged in, click on ODH Data ‣ Events NOI ‣ Events EURAC NOI (see Figure 54).


The drop-down menu that you will see might differ from those shown in the screenshot, depending on your permissions.


Figure 54 Menu item to create a new event

You will now see a list of events that will take place at Bolzano’s NOI Techpark today or in the next days. For each event, the description, start and end date, and the location where it takes place are shown. If the event is marked as Active, it is displayed on the official NOI web page at


Figure 55 List of events.

In order to add a new event, click on the New button to create a new event.

In the dialog that opens, fill in all the fields you deem necessary, but at least the title, organiser, location, and time.


Figure 56 An example event with a few details provided.

Remember to tick the Active and Active checkboxes: The latter allows the event to show up on

If the event is set to take place in more rooms, click on the Room Management button to add more rooms and time slots to the event.

If the event has a web page and/or a video trailer, you can add a link to them in the Web Page (URL) and Video (URL) text-fields.

It is even possible to add images to the event, by clicking on the Images tab on top of the dialog and then on Choose File to upload a file. For each image, a few information can be added:

  • The author’s name.

  • The licence used for the image, either Proprietary or CC0. cc0-badge


    We prefer that a CC0 licence be used; it is neccessary to have the rights to upload the photo with CC0.

  • The position of the image within the gallery, if you upload more than one image. Image in position 0 will be the cover page of the gallery

When you have provided all the necessary information, click on Create to create the event, which will now show up in the list.


Figure 57 List with the new event.

Note that the title of the event is shown in the list in the language selected in the GUI (German in Figure 57).

If you later need to modify the event, click on the Edit button next to the event in the event list. For example, suppose the event used throughout this howto needs to be modified, because the meeting had to be postponed by one hour (10:00 to 13:00, instead of 9:00 to 12:00). Also the room is not available anymore, therefore it must be changed as well. These changes are shown in picture Figure 58.


Figure 58 Changing event’s details.

Click on Save to save the modified event.

To delete an event, click on the Delete button next to the event, then confirm your choice in the confirmation dialog that will appear.