List of HOWTOs

This page contains the list of available howtos, divided into areas. The list of howtos, together with a short description is available here:


  1. How to Access Mobility Data With API v2 Getting started with the new API v2.
  2. How to Access Analytics Data in the Mobility Domain This howto guides you in browse and query data produces from the sensors used in the mobility domain.
  3. How to access e-Charging Stations Data? This howto is deprecated and has been removed, please refer to How to Access Mobility Data With API v2 if you are interested in accessing the mobility dataset.


  1. How to access Tourism Data? Description of how to access and manipulate data, the input data used, and the various filters available in the Tourism domain.
  2. How to use the Open Data Hub’s Tourism Data Browser? Access to the open data provided within the Tourism domain.
  3. Quick and (not-so) Dirty Tips for Tourism (AKA Mini-howtos) Mini howtos, tricks&tips, and use cases for data in the Tourism domain.
  4. How to access Open Data Hub AlpineBits Server as a client access AlpineBits data

Generic HOWTOs

  1. How to use authentication? Access to data that are not yet open (mostly for internal use).
  2. How to set up your local Development Environment? Set up your workstation to develop for Open Data Hub–This tutorial is still in development and not so useful at the moment!
  3. GITHUB Quick Howto get started with GitHub workflow
  4. How to set up Postman (API Development Environment)? Setup of Postman, a popular API development environment, to access data from the Open Data Hub.
  5. How to insert and modify NOI Events? Create and modify NOI events directly from the Open Data Hub portal.
  6. How to Publish your Web Component on the Open Data Hub Store share your Web Components with Open Data Hub team
  7. How to Access Open Data Hub Data Using SPARQL query Open Data Hub datasets using W3C’s Query Language.
  8. How to Access Open Data Hub Data With R and SPARQL query Open Data Hub datasets using R and its SPARQL library.