This section helps you in getting quickly in touch with the most popular tools developed by Open Data Hub to interact with the dataset and the whole ecosystem.

At the time of writing, all tools that have been developed are available online: they are summarised in the following table.

Data Browser

The Open Data Hub Tourism Data Browser allows to access all the Open Data available in the Tourism domain by simply browsing the content of the various datasets.

You can simply use those data for your convenience, or you might even find a novel way to exploit those data and use them in an app or portal you are going to develop. A detailed howto is available: How to use the Open Data Hub’s Tourism Data Browser? to help you getting acquainted with the browser.

Currently, the Data Browser is being developed to be able to access also data in the Mobility domain as well.

Analytics tools

Open the Analytics for Mobility web page, at https://analytics.opendatahub.com/ This portal uses data in the mobility domain to display various information about the sensors, including their locations, what they measure, and actual data in near-real time. You can retrieve data gathered by the sensors directly from the dataset, in almost real-time.

Swagger API interface

The Open Data Hub team has developed REST APIs to programmatically access both the Tourism and Mobility domains. You can access their swagger interface to browse the data and learn how to use the API. You will be guided in building the query and will receive as a result both all the data satisfying the query and the full query in a format that you can use with the curl command from a shell or a script.

Web Component Store

Web Components are a W3C’s effort to provide standard components for the Web. Anyone can create a Web Component, using standard languages like CSS, JSON, HTML and share it with other, in this cae with the Open Data Hub community.

If you have developed a Web Component that you deem useful for the Open Data Hub project or that can be used on top of data provided by the Open Data Hub, you can share it and allow other to reuse it, by making it freely available on Open Data Hub's Web Components Store.

The only requirement for all the Web Components offered through the Store is that they must be released as an Open Source Licence, compatible with those used within the Open Data Hub project.

To help you in the process of publishing your Web Component in Open Data Hub’s store, check the howto: How to Publish your Web Component on the Open Data Hub Store.

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