Changelog 2021


Released: 31 March 2021


Released: 30 April 2021

  • [Improvement] Add to each dataset a direct permalink that can be copied and sent to third party.

    References: #206

  • [Improvement]

    • Replace tabs in the howto list with subsections.
    • Remove the mobility howto for deprecated API v1.
    • Reduce size of images in howtos and align them if layout allows.

    References: #208

  • [Bugfix] Add correct images to How to Access Analytics Data in the Mobility Domain howto.

    References: #208

  • [Bugfix]

    • Remove drop downs from all the lists of datasets (Mobility, Tourism, Other)
    • fix the panel’s width to avoid scrollbars whenever possible.

    References: #212

  • [Bugfix] Add troubleshooting section to R howto.

    References: #213


Released: 31 May 2021
  • [Improvement] A lot of improvements have been added to the general structure of the documentation, the most important being:

    • reorder ToC and make some section more prominent
    • made bash code snippets more usable
    • made accessing methods more immediate to see

    For more details, please check the reference.

    References: #209

  • [Improvement] The technical content of the getting started howtos has been moved to the Datasets section, making them shorter. Also a few examples have been added to How to Access Mobility Data With API v2.

    References: #214


Released: 30 June 2021
  • [Change] [Improvement] The Tourism domain was modified and improved in several points, which are reflected in the documentation:

    • New Swagger and API URLs
    • Localised methods have been definitely removed
    • A new extlink to shorten URLs of tourism API in the documentation source code has been introduced
    • The How to access Tourism Data? article has been modified to include the API browsable interface
    • Tourism datasets have been ordered lexicographically

    References: #220

  • [Change] [Improvement] The description of the new Knowledge Graph underlying the Mobility domain has been added. Also the SPARQL Howto has been updated to reflect the new precooked queries and layout.

    References: #219


Released: 31 August 2021
  • [Change] [Improvement] Keycloak has been introduced as default authentication method for the Open Data Hub.

    References: #223

  • [Change] The URL of the Tourism API has been updated

    References: #231

  • [Bugfix] [Improvement] Update old URLS, fix broken links.

    References: #227

  • [New Feature] New filters for the tourism domain: rawfilter, rawsort, and removenullvalues.

    References: #224


Released: 30 September 2021
  • [Bugfix] Fix requirements.txt file.

    References: #244

  • [New Feature] [Improvement] AlpineBits DestinationData and HotelData have now a dedicated page.

    References: #225


Released: 31 December 2021
  • [New Feature] Add WeatherHistory dataset.

    References: #247