3. Changelog

New in version 2021.03: Add extension to provide structured Changelogs

This section contains the Changelog of the Open Data Hub project’s documentation.

  • Previous to June 2020, we maintained no changelog.

  • The list of changes made from June, 2020 to February, 2021 can be downloaded as a text file.

  • Since March 2021 we adopted a more structured approach: This section indeed will contain an entry for each change made to the documentation.


We do not schedule regular releases of the documentation, we rather publish new versions “When they are ready”, therefore each version is identified by a string YYYY.MM, in which YYYY is the year and MM the month of the release.


Released: 31 March 2021


Released: 30 April 2021

  • [Improvement]

    Add to each dataset a direct permalink that can be copied and sent to third party.

    References: #206

  • [Improvement]

    • Replace tabs in the howto list with subsections.

    • Remove the mobility howto for deprecated API v1.

    • Reduce size of images in howtos and align them if layout allows.

    References: #208

  • [Bugfix]

    Add correct images to How to Access Analytics Data in the Mobility Domain howto.

    References: #208