Guidelines for Developers


Open Data Hub is a collection of software, databases, and services coordinated and hosted by NOI techpark in Bolzano/Bozen, South Tyrol. Currently, Open Data Hub systems are related to mobility and tourism. In the future Open Data Hub might diversify into more fields.

Companies and developers contributing to Open Data Hub must follow the guidelines listed in the documents as close as possible.

The aim of the Open Data Hub Developer’s Guidelines (“The Guidelines”) is to simplify the hosting and maintenance of the software, databases, and services by the Open Data Hub developers and maintainers at NOI Techpark (“the Open Data Hub team”).

The Guidelines describe the conventions to which a developer must adhere, to be able to become an active Open Data Hub developer or to see his work being incorporated into the Open Data Hub. They are split in two parts:

  • Platform Guidelines explain the preferred programming languages, how to expose the data after you manipulated them, the use of third-party libraries or plugins, and so on.

  • Database Guidelines clarify how to design a database that shall become part of the Open Data Hub platform.

Both of can be found in summary and in full version in the pages Platform Documentation and Database Documentation respectively